Stagg Chili

The Challenge

STAGG Chili wanted to showcase its crave-ability, versatility and convenience to aid in growing it’s household penetration while aligning itself with Canadians and Canadian Culture.

The Solution

Bridge led the creative effort to relaunch STAGG Chili as The Official Chili of Canadians. Careful analysis of sales data and trends allowed us to make a claim as bold as a can of STAGG Dynamite Hot Chili and we ran with it. We ran an integrated digital marketing campaign consisting of three original video commercials on YouTube and Programmatic Channels, Social Media Ads on Instagram and Facebook and mobile couponing program for Canadians to let the chili do the talking.

The Result

Over 14 Million Canadians saw our creative. In an unseasonably warm winter the STAGG brand saw a lift in household penetration despite a significant decline in the category overall.